Construction Sand Options:

Construction sand is made right at our Melrose Park station by our trained staff.  We make sure the sand at our facility is properly mixed to provide the right consistency for your jobs.  At JKS we have two sand products: our torpedo sand and masonry sand. If you are look for shipping JKS can help.


Torpedo (concrete) Sand

Torpedo (concrete) Construction Sand (FA-2)

Torpedo Sand

Made from recycled materials

is used to back-fill utility pipes (gas, water, electric) lines. It is also used for mixing with cement, septic systems and trench back-fill to strength the application. Torpedo sand is also known as a simple coarse clean sand the particles of which all pass through a 38 inch mesh.  At JKS we process sand directly at our Melrose Park location.  We take our orders seriously; and we strive to provide a consistent product.

Common Torpedo(concrete) Sand Usages

  • Torpedo is be used as a Course Concrete
  • Torpedo is used for helping the Bedding of Pipes
  • Torpedo is used as a base material between a vapor barrier
  • Torpedo is used as a base for installing paving stones
  • Torpedo can also be used as a mortar sand

Masonry (mortar) Sand

Masonry Sand

masonry sand

Masonry construction sand

is a close cousin of torpedo or cement sand. Masonry sand is most often used for grout where a more fine and less grainy look is required. A classic use of masonry sand is as MORTARA mixture of lime with cement, sand, and water, used in building to bond bricks or stones.. Our Masonry sand provides good adhesive properties and workability. It is an excellent choice for laying brick and block, grouting stone or brick pavers and repairing mortar joints. It’s use is for above grade applications and makes a strong impression as it is visually pleasing due to its fine grain consistency.

Common Masonry(mortar) Construction Sand Usages

  • Masonry is used to fill cracks and holes in masonry applications.
  • Masonry is used to weatherproof and protect masonry structures.
  • Masonry is used as a bonding agent for brick, block and other building materials.

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