What ever your stone needs, think JKS.  We carry many varieties of IDOT approved virgin and recycled stone.  Whether grading a foundation or decorating your new home we can supply you with the material needed to complete your project.

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River Rock

River Rock (1 1/2inch & 3/4 Inch)

Types of River Rocks Offered

  • 1 1/2 Inch River Rock
  • 3/4 Inch River Rock

River Rock comes in a variety of sizes and types and are used for many decorative purposes.  While River Rocks come in a variety of colors they typically come in the gray and brown hues.  River Rock is also known as gravel or cobble stone, though some reserve the word cobble stone for much larger river rocks, such that you may see in old European cities covering the streets.  River Rock is a natural rock that is taken from river and gain their distinctively smooth surface to the yeras of minor abrasions that smooth their surfaces.  River Rock is most commonly used a ground cover or decorative as a dry riverbed.

River Rock Uses

  • River Rock Walls
  • River Rock Fireplaces
  • River Rock Sidewalks
  • River Rock Tiles
  • River Rock for Garden Décor
  • River Rock as Mulch
  • River Rock to Fill Wall Gaps

Grade 8

Grade 8 Limestone

Grade 8 Stone: Compaction Recycled Material

Compaction Recycled Material

Crushed, limestone based, construction gravel (sometimes called driveway stone). Grade 8 is approx. ¾” fractured limestone based stone with a lot of fine particles.  When we these small particles and larger components compact together create a very firm stone base.

Grade 8 Uses

  • Grade 8 as a Compacted Base
  • Grade 8 for Driveway
  • Grade 8 Concrete/Brick
  • Grade8 Base for Retaining Walls
  • Grade 8 Walking Path


White Screening

White Screening

Limestone screening has a chalky-white texture and is made up mostly of crushed limestone. The texture and uniform size produced by the screening process enables it to pack efficiently.  White Screening materials are a versatile and stable base for landscaping and building projects. The uses of limestone screening vary from aesthetics to practical building supports.

White Screen Stone Usages

  • Screening for Practical Building Supports
  • Screening for Edging Garden Beds
  • Screening as Mortar for Brick or Stone Pathways and Patios
  • Screening for Grooming Trails and Pathways
  • Screening for Backfilling Fencepost Footings

¾ limestone

¾” limestone

3/4 inch limestone

Popular For Its Grey Blue Color

The Three Quarter Inch Limestone is a very popular product for paves.  Our 3/4 inch limestone is perfectly clean and ready for deployment.  While limestone is more costly than recycled CA-6 or Grade 8 it provides a consitent base that doesn’t contain possible recycled fragments that might otherwise undermine a serious application such as a made highway or county road.  When considering important projects where a top grade stone products is required for bedding or base, then the 3/4 inch limestone is the way to go.

3/4 Inch Limestone

  • Utility Pipe Bedding
  • Pre-cast Concrete Production
  • Subbase for Concrete Sidewalks
  • Driveways and Porch Boxes
  • Limestone road base


CA-6 (Recycled Stone)CA6: A Recycled Limestone with Fines

When considering CA-6 it’s important to remember that while our recycled materials are cleaned thoroughly, it is not uncommon to find fragments of alternative building materials. However, is imperfection is offset by the cost saving that can benefit smaller, less weight stressed projects. At JKS we strive for 99% recycled purity and our CA-6 materials is a great testimony to our commitment.

Like Grade 8 CA-6 is frequently utilized as a base for a variety of applications including the following.

CA-6 Limestone Uses

  • CA6 for Small Patios
  • CA6 as a Concrete
  • CA6 for Small Sidewalks
  • CA6 for Driveways

3” Stone



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